Based on mood board from CAT392 student:

I had the impression that this would be an environment for a side-scrolling platform game. Considering the screenshot with Kirby in it, I felt that the game would be something like a cute, cartoon-fantasy type of game. Perhaps it would be best suited for a younger and/or female audience.

...And candy lovers.

I feel that it would have helped to describe what the game might actually be about. I was confused about the space/mystic forest setting since those two things are quite different. I simply went with the mystic forest setting for the sake of the concept art and screenshots. The color scheme was definitely fitting, but I think there should have been some variety of colors. Different shades of purple/pink definitely work as the central color scheme, but picking out 1 or 2 secondary colors can definitely help out with the world that the player will venture through. Think not only of the trees, but of the grass, the night sky, moonlight, player, characters, enemies, etc.

Use WASD to move and jump.